Bitcoin ticker

Get latest cryptocurency prices on your desk


Meet your new friend that you will watch every day

Choose your currency

Over 130 cryptocurrencies supported, we also have other sources, such as gold and silver price.

Choose your exchange

Do you want to track price on different exchages? We support BitFinex, Kraken, BitStamp, CoinMate and many more.

WiFi connection

Uses WiFi connection for data access and user friendly  device configuration.

Unique construction

Our original cryptoclock is 3D printed in one piece. This allows us continual iterations on the design with every piece.

Open-source Free software

We will publish device firmware as open-source, so you can check and extend it yourself or build your own device.

Built with love of technology

We love 3D printing, IoT and robust server-side solutions, so we put our passions into this project.

  Community Professional
  You can use our 
infrastructure to get 
data for your own device.
Buy the device and full service. 
Just plug and play.
Full ticker service
Continuous firmware updates
Own data channels
Unique cryptoclock device
Hardware warranty